The Incubator Program at The Centre of Tallahassee has been established to identify and promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the fields of “brick & mortar” retail and culinary concepts. Invited qualified candidates will compete in a juried competition from which the best concepts may be granted membership in the Incubator Program. Incubator Tenants will enjoy access to Incubator Facilities at negotiated lease rates and terms that provide them with the opportunity to nurture and grow their concepts in a real world environment.

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Step 1:
Interested candidates will be required to complete the Incubator Program Application to begin the qualifying process.  The application will require at a minimum:

  1. a complete business plan,
  2. quarterly goals and benchmarks for the first three years,
  3. a detailed outline of the facilities and other requirements for the concept (e.g. square footage, utilities, etc.), and
  4. confirmation of the candidate’s willingness to execute an Incubator Tenant Agreement upon acceptance into the Incubator Program. 

Candidates for the Culinary Incubator may be subject to other prerequisites such as proven competency with kitchen equipment, Serv-Safe certified, and knowledge of relevant regulations and laws.
Completed applications must be submitted to the Director of the Incubator Program for them to be considered.

Step 2:
Completed applications will be reviewed by the Director and/or the Advisory Board of the Incubator Program and candidates may be required to participate in an interview process.

Step 3:
Candidates deemed to be “qualified” by the Director and/or the Advisory Board may be invited to participate in a juried competition as an “Invited Qualified Candidate”.

Step 4:
Periodic juried competitions may be held during which Invited Qualified Candidates will make formal presentations to and answer questions from the impaneled jury.  Upon completion of the competition, the Jury will provide the Director with recommendations as to which candidates should be extended an offer of membership in the Incubator Program.

Step 5:
The process of gaining membership in the Incubator Program is completed once the required Incubator Tenant Agreement is fully executed by both parties. At this point, the candidate is an Incubator Tenant, subject to the terms of the agreement.

The Incubator Tenant Agreement outlines the terms and conditions of membership in the Incubator Program.  The agreement includes, at a minimum:

  • Tenant Reporting and Review Requirements
  • Rent and Fee Obligations
  • Shared and Dedicated Facilities available for the Incubator Tenant
  • Operating Covenants
  • Graduation Policies-typically 3-5 years maximum
  • Terms of Conversion to Regular Tenant Status

Participants in the Incubator Program will have access to the following facilities:

  • Retail Participants
    • Featured retail space in The Shops on the Square and the Pavilion.
    • Featured kiosk locations throughout the Centre.
    • Incubator office space on the 2nd floor of the Arts Centre Building (former Dillard’s Building).
  • Culinary Arts Participants
    • The Culinary Incubator Kitchen on the 2nd floor of the Arts Centre Building (former Dillard’s Building).
    • The Pop-Up Restaurant facilities in the Atrium and Pavilion buildings.
    • Featured kiosk locations throughout the Centre.